Mingerstrasse 6
CH-3000 Bern 22
+41 31 340 11 11
+41 31 340 11 10
Bakka Cosplay

Her biggest and most viral costume "Junkrat" (2016) with smoking, glowing and moving costume parts, made her grow artistically and internationally.

She is always searching for unusual and extravagant projects and challenges herself in every new project, loving to surprise others and adding realistic details like meticulous painting, smoke, smell, actual functional and moving parts, hidden fun-facts, upcycling etc...

Come with your curiosity and questions to the booth and Making-of-panels, see her work up close, get prints, posters, polaroids and more !

Check out her cosplay work online and her Special Effect pages 'Florence Heyer FX' on most social media.




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