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HeroFest Recap – 4th October 2020

Esports action at HeroFest 2020!

The second day of HeroFest brought a lot of action with it! The Finals of the PostFinance Gaming Cup offered Esports of the highest quality to the audience.

Three games were played: first item on the programme was the mobile game Brawl Stars, followed by NHL20, the ice hockey simulator for Playstation 4, and the crowning finale of the evening was the final game in the world-famous game League of Legends. Players and teams were on site today. Their presence added even more life to the atmosphere at HeroFest.

In a best-of-5, the teams "Esports Rhein-Neckar" and "E-LVETS" competed against each other in Brawl Stars. The teams gave each other nothing. It took 5 fierce matches to determine a winner. In the end, the community favourite, "Esports Rhein-Neckar", took the victory.

The following final game was no less exciting: In NHL20, "ZSC Esports" and "Team Welsch" competed against each other. In spite of the fame of the Zurich team, Team Welsch was the public's favourite today. Always one point ahead, "ZSC Esports" was able to catch up quickly. In the last game, however, it was not enough for victory, and "Team Welsch" was named champion.

In League of Legends two well-known teams of the Swiss Esports scene faced each other: SPARX Esports and Lausanne-Sport Esports, two legends. In advance, we expected a battle of equal titans. This was not the case today. SPARX Esports dominated the final game and beat Lausanne-Sport Esports 2-0, leaving their opponents no chance.

And so the PostFinance Gaming Cup ended - in a thunderous applause for excellent plays!

The weekend is over, but HeroFest is just starting. Tomorrow evening the crowd will be treated to even more esports with the TCS Esports League, the Swiss league for Rocket League!

We hope to see you again, because at 7 pm it's time to tune in again for HeroFest, festival for gaming, esports and cosplay!