13. - 15. October 2023


HeroFest Recap – 10th October 2020

The best of esports, gaming and cosplay!

For the last HeroFest weekend, we're really putting our foot down again! Saturday's programme was packed with the best of esports, gaming and cosplay.

In the early afternoon we were able to welcome the Cosplay Jury, already known to us, back on stage. Many had been waiting for today, many had prepared themselves: Cosplay Contest! Various cosplayers in various costumes were guests at the HeroFest and performed their rehearsed scenes in front of the live audience and the viewers on the stream.

This year everything is a bit different. That's why there was not only one, even two contests. One took place online. Participants were allowed to send us videos. They were played live on stage and evaluated by the judges. The winner of this contest was "Nekoyona" with the production of Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

The second contest was organised in a classical way, i.e. with stage performances of the participants on site. Here, too, we witnessed fantastically rehearsed choreographies. The winner was "Isildhen" with a convincing goblin costume.

And then it was time for the start of the big Swisscom Hero League final. The first final was played in Clash Royale. "SenpaiRekt", 3 times league champion, had to defend his title against his rival from last year: "Datshim" - with success! "SenpaiRekt" dominated the game and won 2:0 without any resistance.

More balanced was the second final around the shooter, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Here the teams "Red Instinct" and "KINGZZZ" faced each other. Both teams fought bitterly until the end. Until the end of the third game no favourite could be identified - really equal opponents. Tight but deserved, "KINGZZZ" managed to take the victory and thus became a champion of the Swisscom Hero League.

A nice ending to the evening, but the HeroFest is not over yet. On Sunday, the third final match of the Swisscom Hero League around League of Legends awaits us. In addition, there will be many other programme items around gaming and esports that you don't want to miss. It starts at 11.00 am - be there on Twitch!