13. - 15. October 2023


HeroFest Recap – 8th October 2020

Clear the stage for an older generation!

This evening is for the men in their 30s: All of them are pursuing their careers, have families at home... and no time to play videogames. You quickly lose touch and can't keep up with the younger generation. In Switzerland there is a solution for this: Senior Esports - guest at HeroFest!

The league already has many members, all with similar living conditions. That is what makes it so special: Equal conditions create equal chances, create fun in gaming! And there was much gaming today, too!

In various showmatches the older generation showed us what they got! First Rainbow 6: Siege was played. Afterwards, an epic battle between "Swiss Seniors" and "SC Bern Esports" followed. It was also planned to bring in the racing game Gran Turismo onto the stream, but the technology failed there. No problem: We got a strong final with the well-known shooter, Call of Duty.

On this evening, various interviews were conducted, which gave us an insight into the activities of Senior Esports. Thanks for being here!

For Friday evening we give you something long awaited: Cosplay! On stage you will meet the jury for the weekend. Before they judge others, we will first put them to the test. It starts again at 19.00 on Twitch!