13. - 15. October 2023


HeroFest Recap – 7th October 2020

Dedicated to Swiss Esports

October 7th stood for Swiss Esport! Once again we invited two Swiss game developers to the studio to test their latest games. Two games were played, including «The Amulet of AmunRuuUUUN!» and «Wild Planet».

However, the main attraction of the evening was our guest of honour: the Swiss Made Games League! This is a Swiss Esport-League, which focuses its disciplines exclusively on Swiss games. The league has been around for several years, so we thought of something special as a programme.

The champions of all previous seasons were invited. We divided them up and had them appear in two teams, entirely dedicated to our factions: Nox and Solaris. The teams fought fiercely, entertained us while they competed in various Swiss productions. In the end, Team Nox emerged victorious!

Enough of the youngsters, now it's the seniors' turn! Next item on the programme: Senior eSports! Be there and switch on again, at 19.00, on Twitch!