13. - 15. October 2023


HeroFest Recap – 11th October 2020

We celebrate the last day!

Unbelievable. We have arrived at day 9 of 9. Today the HeroFest begins before noon.

For the start of this great day we have joined forces with the SwitzerLAN. Many tournaments were played at the biggest LAN party in the German speaking area. And one of them finds its climax at the HeroFest: The teams "mYinsanity" and "noetic" entered the stage and played against each other in the SwitzerLAN finals in the videogame Rainbow Six: Siege. The winner was "noetic".

After a hot final it was time for the winner ceremony! Our hosts, Sorah and Atlas, announced the end of the quests for this year and with it the winners of the various prizes. Many things were raffled, but the biggest prizes were an OPPO mobile phone worth over CHF 1'000.- and a special HeroFest edition of the brand new PlayStation 5, both sponsored by Swisscom. There were probably some victory dances performed in the living rooms of our viewers.

On to the crowning finale of the HeroFest: the end of the finals in the Swisscom Hero League, biggest esports league in Switzerland. Already on Saturday we took part in the heat of the moment with Clash Royale and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Now team "Lostik" and "noetic" faced each other for the finals in the last discipline: League of Legends. The finals ended in a thunderous applause dedicated to "Lostik", now champion of the Swisscom Hero League!

We saw a lot, laughed a lot and celebrated a lot. That was the festival for gaming, esports and cosplay. That was the HeroFest.

A big thank you to everyone being with us. See you again in 2021!