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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, HeroFest 2020 will find itself evolving and taking on a new form. HeroFest 2020 will instead be a 9-day day event, from October 3rd to 11th, bringing the biggest gaming, esports, and cosplay content to the whole of Switzerland! We are preparing an amazing programme of content that will be streamed online, with a lucky few able to join us live in person from the studio stage at BERNEXPO.

We’ve already confirmed some great partners to join us, and we’ll be keeping the usual high quality production we’re known for. As ever, we will have top-level esports tournaments, an incredible number of new games, breath-taking cosplay performances and competitions, and loads of community involvement. It saddens us that we won’t be able to play, party and celebrate with the community as normal, but the restrictions required to keep such an interactive event safe for everyone are simply too much to run an event that would feel like HeroFest should. We’ve been planning this in the background for the last few months and we’re excited to bring you this new version of HeroFest. Stay tuned for more information in a few weeks.



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