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Cosplay Contest

Sign up now for the HeroFest Cosplay Contest!

As last year, we have partnered up with Angela “Angel” Christen to organize the contest.


Friday:     Cosplay Catwalk – everybody is welcome, sign up via the form and on site, if there are free spots.

Saturday: Main Contest – the big Cosplay Contest, with four categories and new with the Swatch Bold Award.

Judges: Folkenstal, bakka Cosplay, Germia

Sunday:   Beginners and Master Contest:
                - Beginners – for inexperienced Cosplayers.
                - Master – for experienced Cosplayers, 1st - 3rd place and new with a performance prize and the Swatch Bold Award.

Judges Beginners: bakka Cosplay, Kabu Cosplay, Polygon Forge

Judges Masters: Germia, Folkenstal, Nissa Cosplay

You can find the rules, judging criteria and sign up form here:

 Rules    Judging Criteria

If you have any questions, contact



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