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DIY with Danys Wizardy

Do you want to craft magic objects? If Yes, Dany and Anette are just right for you.

They’re going to show you how to craft magic potions, wands and many other things. Visit them within the Harry Potter Area and create something unique.

Wizarding Manufacture

Do you need a wand for next year? The Wizarding Manufacture is ideal for you then. There you’ll find the perfect wand for you.

Community Networking and magical discussions

Even the mightiest witches and wizards, cannot fight the dark arts on their own. So, come over to the Harry Potter Area and find new friends and companions, to discuss magic and the dark arts. If you’re an online-witch or wizard, then you can leave your Wizarding Unite ID and connect online. Test your magic knowledge about Harry Potter and win with a bit of sense and luck a prize.

You can find more information about the Potterheads community here:





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