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Swiss Drone League

 - Swiss Drone League

The Swiss Drone League is coming to HeroFest in Bern for the second time this year. In 2019, the only Swiss drone race series has its first complete season where pilots race for points in six total races. The HeroFest race is going to be the big finale of this season, ensuring loads of action, high speed chases and spectacular crashes.

The program at the HeroFest

12:00 Uhr                         Doors open
14:00 – ~19:30 Uhr     Training runs
20:00 Uhr                         End

10:00 Uhr                         Doors open
11:00 – ~17:30 Uhr     Qualification runs
18:00 Uhr                         End

10:00 Uhr                         Doors open
11:00 Uhr                         Last qualifications runs
12:00 – ~16:45 Uhr     Final runs
16:50 Uhr                         Winner Ceremony

Side program at the HeroFest

Visitors can fly with FPV goggles as co-pilots with the racing drone or pilot, train on a PC simulator and fly a few laps on a fun track with simple drones themselves. The capacities are limited. 

About FPV drone-racing

FPV drone-racing is a sport, in which quadcopter-pilots race each other on a secured track to finish a given obstacle-course as fast as possible. The drones are flown from a first-person-view (FPV).

Cameras are attached to the quadcopter and the video is sent during the flight to a monitor or more often to video-glasses. That way the pilot experiences the flight from the point of the drone, like he is sitting in the cockpit.

The first drone-races were held at the end of 2014 in Australia as an amateur sport.

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