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CH-3000 Bern 22
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Starting a day earlier and parallel to the HeroFest, the SwitzerLAN takes place at BERNEXPO. Hundreds of gamers fight for four days and three nights to win money- and non-cash-prizes, but altogether they’re celebrating one main thing: Gaming.

The SwitzerLAN is the biggest LAN-Party in Switzerland and happens from the 21st of November until the 24th within the BERNEXPO during the HeroFest. Thousands of gamers fight for four days and three nights to win money and non-cash-prizes and dive completely into the world of gaming. For the most important esports titles there will be main tournaments, but a range of other games as well, where you can partake in a tournament for fun. Many of the tournaments will be broadcast live via Twitch with full commentary for a wider audience to enjoy. Back in 2015 the SwitzerLAN was home to 500 visitors, but in 2018 there were 2048! As one of the biggest LAN parties in the DACH region, SwitzerLAN is certainly the most important event for the national PC gaming and esports community.



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