13. - 15. October 2023


Artist Alley

In our ARTIST ALLEY you will find plenty of talented artists who will create their art for you on site or offer illustrations from their repertoire in various forms of merch. If you are looking for extraordinary and unique art, then the ARTIST ALLEY is the right place for you. And if you want to get to know our artists beforehand, then have a look at our artist pages!

Nadine Hunziker

Nadine Hunziker offers her own animal and fantasy art printed on canvases, postcards, stickers or bookmarks.

Kimea Zizzari Art

At HeroFest, Kimea Zizzari will once again enrich us with her art! Her beautifully and mystically drawn illustrations will be sold as prints, posters, t-shirts, notebooks and other little goodies.


While the big qualification for the Polymanga Swiss Cosplay League is taking place on our stage, you can express your artistic talents together with your friends at the Polymanga booth. Grab the tablets and show off your art!

Zila Illustration

Zila Illustration honours us with her very own ferret art. It is up to her to enchant every motive into a sweet ferret. At the HeroFest she will offer various art prints, stickers and tags with her colorful motifs. Which one would you like to see in ferret form?

The Chronicle of Steel and Feather

HeroFest also hosts a highlight for all our fantasy readers and bookworms out there: Peter Segmüller will be presenting his book series “Chronik von Stahl und Feuer”! The author describes his work as follows: “DIE CHRONIK VON STAHL UND FEDER tells the story of two countries - the Cheruscan and the Mark - from the very beginning to the peak of their power with imperialistic traits centuries later.” You want to submerge into this thrilling world too? Then come and visit!


As for another artist, we are happy to welcome irono yami. She will enrich our Artist Alley with beautifully designed art prints, pins and stickers as well as other print merch. Come around to take a look and let yourselves be enchanted!

creative glitter zombie

Naturally, we made our best effort to provide you with a wide range of handmade art at HeroFest. Annika from creative glitter zombie will be on site selling jewelry, accessories and decoration made from resin, polymer clay or acrylic. Her artstyle focuses on inspiration from manga, anime, games and Japan as such. In any case - her booth is the right place to shop for unique pieces!

Paeggi's Kinkerlitzchen

Paeggi from Paeggi’s Kinkerlitzchen will be presenting her own handmade jewelry this year. She invests lots of time and love into creating her pieces out of different variants of stones. Which means this is the perfect spot for all the jewelry lovers out there to find your unique piece!


Fanelia will be welcomed at our Artist Alley as well. With her beautifully illustrated fantasy prints she definitely will fascinate a lot of you! Just come around and take a look at her work.

Dziwna Logika

We are happy to welcome another artist at HeroFest - Dziwna Logika! Her art is full of fantastic and unique subjects. At the same time she convinces through her creative ideas. Let yourselves be immersed into the colorful world and get your hands on some of the prints, pendants or washitapes she created. You can also request your own artwork!


At DaydreaminMagician’s booth you will be greeted by lots of handmade merch: from stickers to pins and prints over to phone accessories. The designs vary through all kinds of gaming, movie and meme worlds so that all of you can find some goodies of your taste. On top of that the artist even offers commissions on site!


What is the best place to take colorful and crazy photos if not at HeroFest? Next to all the cosplay booths in the entrance hall, you will also find a number of photo backgrounds that you can use to take pictures of yourself or together with friends to immerse into fantastic worlds. Share your photos on social media and tag us!

Lakeland Tattoo

Maybe you've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now? At HeroFest, the talented Lakeland team will offer you walk-in tattoos and piercings. Feel free to stop by and get your eternal memory of HeroFest!


VityaCrafts will be supporting this year's Artist Alley and sell her handmade products such as jewelry, hair accessories and other small stuff. Her products are lovingly handmade and are mainly made from resin. Are you still looking for the perfect kawaii-style gift for you or your friends? Come around and take a look then!

Cat Puke

The young Bernese illustrator and graphic designer CatPuke, with a bachelor's degree in visual communication, is at home in everyday romance, in fantasy worlds and in the houseplant jungle. Her great inspiration and fascination is the famous mangaka and director Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli).

Lurik Riesen

Lurik Riesen is an independent costume designer. With attention to detail and realism, he creates costumes, characters, worlds and stories in which everyone can be the main character. In particular, he also makes figures and terrain for tabletop RPGs.


Nathalie Keller is the Wanderwerk - the wandering pirate (her ship was stolen!) who makes decorations, accessories and jewelry from everything she finds. Whether from natural materials, plastic or things that others would throw away! She makes you the most beautiful things out of anything she can find.


By day, Swinis-Place is a software engineer. The rest of the time, however, she pursues her passion, art. She is particularly inspired by pop culture, anime, cartoons, old TV shows and anything else that has a connection to games and Japan. If you want to get a glimpse of her art, stop by her booth at HeroFest!

Prin Nana

Prin Nana offers manga and creepy chibi portraits! But she doesn't just offer you ready-made art. She can also paint your portrait in just 10 minutes. You can also find mugs, unique pieces, sketchbooks, stickers and more. Take a look!


Darmonia's works follow a style all their own: technical drawings. If you've always wanted to see a blueprint of your favourite invention or toy, you've come to the right place.

Lord Gibson

Lord Gibson's art is dedicated to all the goddesses, creatures and demons of the past, present and future. His love for gothic, fantasy, mythology and enchanted dreams are evident in unique and powerful images that captivate the viewer. For all art lovers who share a passion for mythology, goddesses and ghostly dreams.

Selina Lore

You want to take home a great souvenir from HeroFest that you can also wear? At Selina Lore's you'll find all kinds of hand-painted textiles like bags or denim jackets.

Eradin by Murat Cengiz

If you are looking for fantastic and creative works, then Murat offers you exactly that with his handmade sculptures! With the finest craftsmanship, he makes figures, scluptures, jugs and much more inspired by alchemy and the fantasy genre.


At tmgmrk’s you will find mainly yamikawaii related items such as stickers, charms, buttons and a few other things. If you look very closely you will find a very few fanarts related items too. And if you can’t spend too much or don’t mind a few flaws in your charms then you might find something fitting in her B grade box or the prints sale.


Spawnicorn aka Alex is a biologist by day and an amateur artist by night. She combines these two passions in various creative artworks and doesn’t have as much time as she has ideas. Her favorite things are skulls, fish, birds, creepy crawlies and of course Pokémon. And that is exactly what you’ll find at her booth, depicted on postcards, A4 prints, jewelry and more.

Emeryn Arts

Emeryn enchants with a wide range of animal headbands, masks, fantasy jewelry, posters, stickers and much more. She specializes in drawing animals and fantasy creatures. Especially their animal pun shirts are a real highlight at their stand.


Kat is a Swiss illustrator and game designer. Her specialties are character design and atmospheric environment. Her art is primarily digital. She works with different styles from comic to realistic. At her booth, you can find her art as prints.


Laourino is a young game designer with a fascination for the macabre. Inspired by Japanese pop culture and media, her drawings and products range from cute animals and memes to the macabre and fantasy themes.


Afghan-American illustrator MedArt set down her roots in Switzerland. She makes trendy portraits with well-known characters from the gaming, anime and comic worlds onto sheets of paper.

Mina Kings

Mina Kings is an artist from Switzerland inspired by Japanese pop culture and art. Although her works are rather dark and melancholic, she also likes to create motives with a touch of cuteness. At her stand you will find prints and merchandise of her motives as well as unique pieces such as homemade FIMO charms.


Kristy aka d4star is a Swiss-Thai digital artist from Zurich. Her artwork is inspired by the animated shows she watched as a child. Her designs are influenced by pop culture and with a dash of stylised cuteness.