13. - 15. October 2023


Cosplay Judge - Yuicosplay

One of our judges for the Open Cosplay Contest is Yuicosplay! She is 29 and discovered her passion for cosplay back in 2007. Since 2012 you can find her on various convention stages. Her main feature is the handwork. Whether behind or in front of the camera, her passion is always present!

Cosplay Judge - Secret Geek

Miri aka Secret Geek will also be a judge in the Open Contest! She has been a cosplayer since 2015 and shows a preference for Zelda characters. All her costumes are completely homemade and she pays special attention to accuracy and details. She also loves to participate in cosplay contests and has already won several prizes. For tips & tricks for your cosplays, she is the right person to ask.

Ellothin Cosplay

Ellothin Cosplay joins our group of cosplay VIPs! She is specialised in making large mechanised armour, especially from Monster Hunter and League of Legends. She even presents her costumes in direct collaboration with Riot Games! She has already won various international prizes with her magnificent cosplays. You want to see her and her work live? Then come to HeroFest.


Silivren has also been in the cosplay game for 6 years. She started with armour and continued to develop her skills with different techniques and ways of working. Her current motifs include epic armour from World of Warcraft, Overwatch and League of Legends. But princess dresses are also part of her repertoire. With her cosplays, she was also able to get Riot Games to cooperate with her and won various prizes. You too can marvel at her works of art at HeroFest.

Taryn Cosplay

You can look forward to our cosplay VIP Taryn! The Italian artist and actor is a professional international cosplayer, performer and promotional model. He travels the world as a cosplayer, spreading passion and positivity for the art of cosplay. Taryn also works with various brands in the geek and anime industry, including miHoYo, Crunchyroll, Bandai Namco, etc.

Maike Huster

Maike Huster has been a passionate cosplayer since 2018. She is specialised in large suits of armour and enjoys learning new things from the cosplay universe. She draws her inspiration from artwork and games and starts particularly elaborate projects with wings, LEDs or even smoke machines. You can meet her at HeroFest this year!

Cosplay Village

HeroFest wouldn't be HeroFest without our cosplay community! This year we are happy to once again welcome a whole range of talented cosplayers. On site you can talk to them about costume creations, materials or manufacturing processes and get one or another souvenir of your favorite cosplayers. Don't miss out and stop by the Cosplay Village!

Cosplay Contests

The Cosplay Contests at HeroFest are coming up! We want to see your wonderful creations in action. So sign up via the link below to secure a spot in our contests. Great prizes, fame and glory await the winners!

Warlords Nox & Solaris

As the heart of our factions, we have our Warlords at HeroFest again this year. Nico, leader of Nox, will be represented by Sascha @cosschmiede and his wonderful cosplay. As the leader of Solaris Helia, we're excited to have Timber @timbercosplay with us. Join the factions and let our two warlords lead you to glory and cool prizes!


While the big qualification for the Polymanga Swiss Cosplay League is taking place on our stage, you can express your artistic talents together with your friends at the Polymanga booth. Grab the tablets and show off your art!