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14. - 16. October 2022


Smash Contest presented by Sinalco

We are bringing what probably is the biggest offline Smash event to HeroFest, exclusively for you: Smash Contest! You can compete with up to 256 players and present your ultimate combos.

FIFA 23 | eFootball Area

In the FIFA Area in cooperation with you can compete against your friends in, well… FIFA! As a highlight there will be Beat the Pro rounds on Friday and tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. As for the VIP guest, you can look forward to Cubanito, who you can compete against and win copies of the latest FIFA edition!

Fortnite & Rocket League | TCS eSports League with Opel

At the TCS eSports League with Opel booth, several gaming stations await you with a free-to-play offer in Fortnite and Rocket League. Also, compete in the "Beat the Pro" and win great prizes! And for all the car fans among you, Opel will present the latest model of the Opel Mokka-e.

Swisscom Hero League Finals CS:GO

This year HeroFest will once again act as the host for the Swisscom Hero League Grand Finals. On the big stage you can watch your favorite Swiss teams in CS:GO playing the most important matches of the year!

Swisscom HeroCup feat. League of Legends

Let's step into Summoner’s Rift, because we want to know: who will win the Swisscom Hero Cup? In the Swisscom Hero Cup feat. League of Legends, the top two teams will have a showdown for the title of ultimate LoL champion. Be live on site and look forward to the most exciting pick and ban phases!

Swisscom Hero League Finals Brawl Stars

The HeroFest stage will tremble again this year! Look forward to the Grand Finals of the Swisscom Hero League in Brawl Stars. You can watch and support your favorite local teams in the exciting final. Let’s brawl!

Rocket League | digitec Playground Vol. 8

This year we are happy to host the finale of the digitec Playground Vol. 8 at HeroFest. While you can watch the finalists of the Pro and Grümpi tournament in Rocket League on the main stage, you will find various challenges and Beat the Pro options in Age of Empires, Rocket League or CS:GO and even a speedrun in Path of Exile at the digitec booth. Also, a console corner with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenges, Mario Kart or FIFA will be available. As a highlight, digitec will also provide you with a Logitech Racing Rig. Who drives the fastest lap?

Rocket League & League of Legends | Team BDS

The current Rocket League world champion and the biggest Swiss esports team BDS will be visiting us at HeroFest. They will have setups for 2v2 League of Legends and Rocket League tournaments at their booth and also offer their own merch.

Munich eSports

Traveled all the way from Germany: the Munich eSports team! They will take you into the world of esports clubs, provide advice on all questions and also bring a few games with them from Bavaria. Look forward to interactive gameplay!

Permitta eSports

Let us present: Permitta eSports, Swiss esports team! They will have their own booth at HeroFest and bring quite a few surprises to you. Don't miss them!