13. - 15. October 2023

Tabletop & Boardgames

Boardgame Area

You want a change from the digital games on computers and consoles? Then come to the land of board games! Gameorama is designing the Boardgame Area at HeroFest for you, where you can find all kinds of board games, card games and other offline gaming opportunities as well as the Gameorama bar. Try it out, talk to the designers and maybe discover your new favorite game!


We have invited Switzerland's leading club for tabletop role-playing games to HeroFest for you, SwissRPG! Visit them in the boardgame area and play Dungeons & Dragons and many other pen & paper games.


KLASK is a skill game from Denmark. The goal in this game is to get the ball on the field into the opponent's goal. The Clue: the characters are moved by magnets. This year, in cooperation with Gameorama, we are hosting one of the qualifying tournaments for the KLASK Swiss Championship. Stop by!


Heropolis is a strategic building and role-playing game for 2-4 players for beginners and real strategists. Choose from one of three possible moves, but also plan ahead. If you don't, your opponent might!


Not only does HeroFest feature games to play online. You will also find a diverse variety of offline- and boardgames. As a highlight you will be able to play escape puzzles at Ludibrium’s booth! Everyone is welcome to try and solve the escape puzzles. Join in on the fun with your family and/or friends and for the aftermath: get some of your favorite puzzles to continue at home!