13. - 15. October 2023



Your setup needs an upgrade? Then microspot.ch is the place for you. They will be offering a range of their products in their pop-up store. These include graphics cards, peripherals, games, etc. Everything to make your gamer heart beat faster!


Cubanito goes HeroFest! Sometimes on the soccer field, sometimes on the console, you can find him now in the eFootball Area at HeroFest as he’s looking forward to challenge you. Let’s find out if you can break his determination an get a win. If you do, there’s a chance you bring back home the new FIFA 23. So, who dares to compete against one of the biggest football YouTubers in the DACH region?

TCS eSports League with Opel

At the TCS eSports League with Opel booth, several gaming stations await you with a free-to-play offer in Fortnite and Rocket League. Also, compete in the "Beat the Pro" and win great prizes! And for all the car fans among you, Opel will present the latest model of the Opel Mokka-e.


Look forward to Nintendo, because they will be setting up a big free-to-play area for you: You can play the current Switch evergreens, but also new releases. Come by, enter the world of Nintendo and show us who can complete the levels the fastest!

Smash Contest

We are bringing what probably is the biggest offline Smash event to HeroFest, exclusively for you: Smash Contest! You can compete with up to 256 players and present your ultimate combos.

AGON by AOC Gaming Challenge

In some games, the final boss is simply a highlight and a frustration at the same time. What if AOC gave you the chance to fight three final bosses in a row? At the AOC booth, you will fight against Nameless King from Dark Souls 3, Caranthir from The Witcher 3 and Albert King from Batman: Arkham Knight on three separate stations, one stronger than the other. Can you defeat them all? Great prizes await you, even an AOC monitor!

Fisherman's Friend

Are you THE champ in Minecraft and looking for the right challenge? Fisherman's Friend will offer you an Obstacle Run as a Minecraft Challenge, where you can qualify on site on Friday and Saturday. The final will be held on Saturday as well. And as a special highlight, you can meet Aditotoro and Maelo too!

Aditotoro & Maelo

THE social media stars are back again! Aditotoro and Maelo will be at HeroFest again. This time you won't meet the boys at the streaming set, but at the Fisherman's Friend booth. Compete against them in an entertaining Minecraft Challenge and use the time for a Meet & Greet!


At HeroFest, main sponsor Swisscom will not only thrill you with their Grand Finals of the Swisscom Hero League and the Swisscom Hero Cup. At their booth you will find two giant Blue Space Cubes for taking photos and playing video games on. Play Fall Guys with friends or compete in mini tournaments in League of Legends and Fortnite, hosted by Pistolenhenry and Don Rigoni.

Retro Games | The Dungeon

«The Dungeon» returns to HeroFest with its crowd favorite «Retro Game Event Level 1-1». In addition to their furnished living rooms, they also have their handhelds with them again. You can comfortably play the classics like Mario Kart 64, Crash Bandicoot, The Legend of Zelda or Super Smash Bros. Melee and as an absolute highlight they organize a Rock Band Contest! So grab a Gameboy or GameGear and make yourself comfortable on a couch.


For all nostalgia lovers, the boys and girls from Videogamestore Grolimund will be at HeroFest! They will provide you with plenty of new and vintage games for (almost) all consoles. But they will also offer a selection of action figures for plenty of variety.

Tina Umbricht

Ever been on stage with a Swiss rising star? Now is your moment, so oil up your vocal chords. Tina Umbricht, musician and DSDS finalist, wants to sing karaoke with you on the Music Stage! Let's unpack the new and the old songs and "Let's Sing!"

OVO Music Stage

Let's party! For all dance and singing enthusiasts, Ovomaltine will have its Music Stage and will challenge you to karaoke in Let's Sing, dance battles in JustDance or song quizes in MusicGuess! As a highlight, the finals of the Rock Band Contest from the Retro Area will be held on the OVO Music Stage as well.


This year we are happy to host the finale of the digitec Playground Vol. 8 at HeroFest. While you can watch the finalists of the Pro and Grümpi tournament in Rocket League on the main stage, you will find various challenges and Beat the Pro options in Age of Empires, Rocket League or CS:GO and even a speedrun in Path of Exile at the digitec booth. Also, a console corner with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenges, Mario Kart or FIFA will be available. As a highlight, digitec will also provide you with a Logitech Racing Rig. Who drives the fastest lap? And psst: there will be various prizes to win from hardware to gaming gear!

nau.ch Gladiator Zone

For all our physical fighters, we’re bringing back the Nau Gladiator Zone! Thanks to nau.ch you can compete now in real life. In the ring we will provide you with a soft stick for your battle, 1v1. Ready? Fight!

GIANTS Software

GIANTS Software is once again a guest at HeroFest. They will bring you a few gaming stations equipped with Farming Simulator 22 and the latest DLC: Pumps N' Hoses. Show us what you've got on the tractor!


You can look forward to Sony's booth. Because this year they will bring you a number of gaming & racing stations. On their new INZONE products you can try yourselves at Marvel's Spider-Man or Valorant in particular! Come by and test it yourself.

SC Bern

Get the puck and get on the ice! SC Bern will take you into the world of NHL. In addition to the free-to-play stations, a 6v6 show match between SC Bern and the ZSC Lions in NHL 23 awaits you on Saturday - which will also be released on 14 October, just in time for HeroFest. So look forward to exciting matches and cool new experiences on the (virtual) ice!

Free-To-Play Area by MIFCOM

In addition to all the organized contests and activities, you probably just want to play casually at a few stations. For this, MIFCOM organized a Free 2 Play area at HeroFest. They’re offering powerful setups including the newest graphic cards, that you can play on alone or together with friends - As. Long. As. You. Want.

Team BDS

The current Rocket League world champion and the biggest Swiss esports team BDS will be visiting us at HeroFest. They will have setups for 2v2 League of Legends and Rocket League tournaments at their booth and also offer their own merch.

VR Area VRilliant

In the VR area VRilliant you will be able to compete with friends and family. As a special highlight, a Tower Tag tournament awaits you. Tower Tag is a paintball-like PVP shooter. Conquer as many tower platforms as possible with your team to move quickly across the playing field and beat your opponents with tactics and surprise. Which player will be the most skilled? Find out!

Erupt Lounge

In the Erupt Lounge you can chill again this year, play with your friends and maybe even gain some first streaming experience. Are you up for it? Then make sure to stop by the booth!

Permitta eSports

Let us present: Permitta eSports, Swiss esports team! They will have their own booth at HeroFest and bring quite a few surprises to you. Don't miss them!

Munich eSports

Traveled all the way from Germany: the Munich eSports team! They will take you into the world of esports clubs, provide advice on all questions and also bring a few games with them from Bavaria. Look forward to interactive gameplay!

Indie Game Dev Area powered by GIANTS Software

You want to play something different than the usual AAA titles? We have invited a number of game devs from Switzerland and other regions to present their exciting new game developments. Don't miss the chance to be the first to try the next big hit!

Castle Village Games

Are you ready for a quest? Immerse yourself in a world of rustic and colourful 2D pixel art. In “Baron of Blood” you fight your way through various monsters and ghouls and collect valuable items. Use your skills to jump over dangerous obstacles and locations, meet merchants and friends to interact with, and use collected coins to buy powerful items. Sounds good? Come and try it out!

Stray Fawn

The Wandering Village is a city building simulation game with survival and roguelike elements. Build a village on the back of a giant, wandering creature and form a symbiotic relationship with your giant host to survive together in a post-apocalyptic world.

Team KwaKwa

Team KwaKwa visits us a HeroFest and showcase three of their projects:

Soft Mountain

“Dancing Cube” is a musical bullet hell where players must avoid red obstacles in a giant 3D cube that deforms to the beat of the music. Play single player or challenge your friends to see who beats the beat best.


Explore a ruined open world of caverns and settlements. Hack and slash your way through missions: patrol, repair, scavenge - choose your quests and dialogue. Or go fishing, forage mushrooms, and race the clock! The old world is gone - the future is up to you. If you want to explore Kandria for yourself, come and visit the Shinmera booth at HeroFest!

Dreamhunt Studio

Unpetrified is a story-driven exploration game in which flora and fauna react to the main character's emotions, where you help animals in need and can escape your busy everyday life. All presented in a simplified stylized visual design.

Ajuna Network

At the booth of the Swiss development studio Ajuna Network you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to play the games “Battlemogs” and “New Omega”. Don't miss this highlight!

Lakeview Games

Pool Party is a fast-paced party game for you to enjoy with friends. It’s a fun cross-over of the fighting game genre and Pool in a joyful universe. So get your bathing suit and hop on this adventure!


In "Epsylon" you take the role of Georgo Valentino, detective. While trying to solve one of your unsolved cases, you come across a trace in the parallel world of Alpha-10. Come and try out the new game from DragonDreams!

Dama Dama Games

The Dama Dama Games studio presents their game “Tavernacle!” at HeroFest. Tavernacle! is a chaotic co-op tower defense game where you and your friends play as a group of dwarfes in a fantasy world. Your favorite brewery is under attack, so grab your hammers and start crafting traps, building towers and other defenses to protect the tavern.

Early Coffee Games

Hermit is a casual and fast-paced arcade game combined with roguelite elements. The game revolves around the defining feature of a hermit crab: its shell. Because without it, he is defenseless. Your task is to keep moving the crab into new positions and keep it alive. Can you make it?


At this year’s HeroFest the developers from Artificials will offer you a great alternative to our mainstream games with their indie game “Situation Normal”. It’s a level based jump’n’run game that will let you collect different weapons to neutralize your opponents - in Super Mario style but with a twist!


What would an adventure be without a story to follow? That's exactly why, after entering the halls of BERNEXPO, you will be given the chance to shape the story of Team Nox or Team Solaris. Join your faction and complete as many tasks as possible to get closer to victory. Exciting prizes such as merch, gaming hardware, peripherals and much more await you.

Warlords Nox & Solaris

As the heart of our factions, we have our Warlords at HeroFest again this year. Nico, leader of Nox, will be represented by Sascha @cosschmiede and his wonderful cosplay. As the leader of Solaris Helia, we're excited to have Timber @timbercosplay with us. Join the factions and let our two warlords lead you to glory and cool prizes!

Faction camps

Your adventure starts here: You can choose between two factions to join and be rewarded with goodies and prizes for completing quests. You can use the two faction camps as a base, where you can join up with your faction members, consult and exchange ideas. Here, you will also receive the rewards for your achievements.

Simracing | Armida Finance

The Armida Finance team would like to compete with you in simracing. They have also set up a café for you to strengthen yourself.

ATC-Simulation | Skyguide

We already know about flight simulators, but what about air traffic controller simulators? We invited Skyguide to the HeroFest for all those who want to try it out. If you're thinking about working in flight security - check out Skyguide!

Pokémon TCG

Who will be the very best like no one ever was? Find out in the unofficial swiss championship of Pokémon TCG at HeroFest! Sign up today and secure a spot in the fight for the champ position.

Magic - The Gathering TCG

Good strategists seize opportunities. Great strategists create them. Prove yourself in the TCG Area in the next Magic Tournament.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

It's time for a duel! If you see yourself as the next King (or Queen) of Games, then HeroFest is your chance to compete in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Visit the TCG Area and compete with others. Is the heart of the cards with you?

Flesh & Blood TCG

Flesh and Blood is a competitive trading card game that pits two heroes against each other in a fight to the death. Each player begins the game with their hero, weapon, and gear. Do you want to compete? Register now for the Flesh & Blood tournaments on Saturday and Sunday at HeroFest!

One Piece TCG

Compete with the Straw Hat Pirates and boost them to victory! Play the the brand new TCG, because Goodgames is bringing it to HeroFest for you. Learn all the mechanics of the game at the booth and compete directly in the tourney on Sunday!

Dragon Ball TCG

In the Dragon Ball TCG you fight with your favorite Dragon Ball characters, strengthen them with battle, extra and unison cards and defeat your opponent! If you want to join the next fight with Son Goku and the Z Fighters, then take part in the Dragon Ball tournament on Saturday.

Digimon TCG

In the Digimon card game, you play with your Digimon partner in a battle zone. Your Digimon will get stronger and gain new abilities as you let it digivolve. Destroy all security cards guarding your opponent and deliver one final strike to claim victory! Interested? Check out the Digimon TCG tournament on Saturday.

Weiß Schwarz TCG

In the TCG Area, you get the chance to prove yourself against each other in Weiß Schwarz duels. Create your deck from over 10’000 different cards with characters from your favorite anime and manga and show what you've got. Sign up for the Weiß Schwarz tournament on Sunday!

VR Simracing uvm. | Gamezone

A couch, a controller and a nice game. What more do you need for a relaxing evening at home? That's right, 3 living rooms at HeroFest! Gamezone is recreating 3 living rooms just for you, where you can play video games and relax on consoles or PCs - VR simracing included! So bring along a good mood and a desire to play.


Medion is also part of HeroFest! They will present their latest gaming PCs, notebooks and peripherals to you. If you want to be up to date, be sure to stop by!


The Gameparadise team will complement the offers of retro games and peripherals at the HeroFest. Stop by and maybe you'll find your next souvenir or memento of bygone times!


Zockbar is a paradise of games, consoles and accessories from previous generations with fair prices. On site you can browse through a wide range of games and peripherals and breathe a little bit of new life into old consoles.


Electronics and hardware are really expensive right now, and yet we all want to play on the latest PlayStation or high-end PC. For this problem, Yuno will present their concept to you on site: rental of electronics! Feel free to come to their booth and have the concept and the products explained to you. After that, your “graphics settings on ultra” dream can finally come true.