13. - 15. October 2023


Smash Contest presented by Sinalco

We are bringing what probably is the biggest offline Smash event to HeroFest, exclusively for you: Smash Contest! You can compete with up to 256 players and present your ultimate combos.

AGON by AOC Gaming Challenge

In some games, the final boss is simply a highlight and a frustration at the same time. What if AOC gave you the chance to fight three final bosses in a row? At the AOC booth, you will fight against Nameless King from Dark Souls 3, Caranthir from The Witcher 3 and Albert King from Batman: Arkham Knight on three separate stations, one stronger than the other. Can you defeat them all? Great prizes await you, even an AOC monitor!

Fisherman's Friend

Are you THE champ in Minecraft and looking for the right challenge? Fisherman's Friend will offer you an Obstacle Run as a Minecraft Challenge, where you can qualify on site on Friday and Saturday. The final will be held on Saturday as well. And as a special highlight, you can meet Aditotoro and Maelo too!


At HeroFest, main sponsor Swisscom will not only thrill you with their Grand Finals of the Swisscom Hero League and the Swisscom Hero Cup. At their booth you will find two giant Blue Space Cubes for taking photos and playing video games on. Play Fall Guys with friends or compete in mini tournaments in League of Legends and Fortnite, hosted by Pistolenhenry and Don Rigoni.

Team BDS

The current Rocket League world champion and the biggest Swiss esports team BDS will be visiting us at HeroFest. They will have setups for 2v2 League of Legends and Rocket League tournaments at their booth and also offer their own merch.

Rock Band Contest | Retro Area by "The Dungeon"

Rockstar dreams come true in the Retro Area! You can prove yourself on site in the old school game "Rock Band" and who knows - maybe you'll make it to the final and be crowned a rock legend on the music stage!


KLASK is a skill game from Denmark. The goal in this game is to get the ball on the field into the opponent's goal. The Clue: the characters are moved by magnets. This year, in cooperation with Gameorama, we are hosting one of the qualifying tournaments for the KLASK Swiss Championship. Stop by!

Magic - The Gathering TCG

Good strategists seize opportunities. Great strategists create them. Prove yourself in the TCG Area in the next Magic Tournament.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

It's time for a duel! If you see yourself as the next King (or Queen) of Games, then HeroFest is your chance to compete in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Visit the TCG Area and compete with others. Is the heart of the cards with you?

Pokémon TCG

Who will be the very best like no one ever was? Find out in the unofficial swiss championship of Pokémon TCG at HeroFest! Sign up today and secure a spot in the fight for the champ position.

Flesh & Blood TCG

Flesh and Blood is a competitive trading card game that pits two heroes against each other in a fight to the death. Each player begins the game with their hero, weapon, and gear. Do you want to compete? Register now for the Flesh & Blood tournaments on Saturday and Sunday at HeroFest!

Weiß Schwarz TCG

In the TCG Area, you get the chance to prove yourself against each other in Weiß Schwarz duels. Create your deck from over 10’000 different cards with characters from your favorite anime and manga and show what you've got. Sign up for the Weiß Schwarz tournament on Sunday!

One Piece TCG

Compete with the Straw Hat Pirates and boost them to victory! Play the brand new TCG, because Goodgames is bringing it to HeroFest for you. Learn all the mechanics of the game at the booth and compete directly in the tourney on Sunday!

Dragon Ball TCG

In the Dragon Ball TCG you fight with your favorite Dragon Ball characters, strengthen them with battle, extra and unison cards and defeat your opponent! If you want to join the next fight with Son Goku and the Z Fighters, then take part in the Dragon Ball tournament on Saturday.

Digimon TCG

In the Digimon card game, you play with your Digimon partner in a battle zone. Your Digimon will get stronger and gain new abilities as you let it digivolve. Destroy all security cards guarding your opponent and deliver one final strike to claim victory! Interested? Check out the Digimon TCG tournament on Saturday.