13. - 15. October 2023

Food & Drinks

Food tester | Steve Merson

Started as a gamer, he is now one of the most famous TikTok food testers in the country: Steve Merson is a guest at HeroFest! He will be putting the food on offer through its paces. You want to know what his judgment looks like or what secret tips he gives out? Then be sure to check out the food booths at HeroFest - maybe you'll meet Steve in person.

Bubble Tea | Asiada

The most popular drink of all time should not be missing at HeroFest! Asiada makes delicious bubble teas for you and also offers Thai dried fruits. So everything is prepared for the right snack in between. Do you prefer popping bubbles or tapioca? Take photos of your bubble teas and tag us on social media!

Gyoza | W Gyoza by Wesley's Kitchen

W Gyoza by Wesley's Kitchen brings you delicious Gyoza to HeroFest. Let yourself be carried away to the land of the rising sun and test these delicious dumplings.

Hot Dogs | JC's Hot Dogs

For the tastiest hot dogs around, we've got JC's Hot Dogs at HeroFest. With colorful creations and a wide variety of toppings, you can put together a delicious, individual hot dog. Yum!

Vegane Burger, Wraps & Schnitzel | VGNFUN

Have you ever wanted to try tasty meat alternatives? VGNFUN will serve us at HeroFest with alternatives to classic burgers, wraps and schnitzels - so don't miss the chance and try the delicious offerings at HeroFest!

Shaved Ice | Araare

Our food offer will be perfectly complemented by the team from Araare: for all our sweet tooths among you, they will offer the Japanese hype dessert: Shaved Ice! Don't miss out on this refreshing dessert.

Bao, Fondue Chinoise & vegan | PandaPan

If you are looking for Asian and vegan dishes, you will find them at PandaPan! This year, they are cooking us delicious specialities from Asia that are not only interesting for our Japan lovers! Whether it's mini fondue chinoise, bao with meat or vegan, or Peking duck - they'll be happy to prepare it for you.

Burger, Kebap & Crêpes | Rock Food

At Rock Food you will be provided with delicious burgers, kebabs and crêpes. So satisfy your savory cravings and don't forget to stop by Rock Food at HeroFest!

Philly-Cheesesteaks | Grill 'n' Roll

The boys and girls from Grill’n’Roll will offer you delicious Philly cheesesteaks with different meat and vegetarian variations. Just the right thing for everyone who has ever wanted to have the original American feeling!

Asia Snacks | Umami Snack Import

If you have already tried all the food stands on site and would like to take one or the other souvenir home, then you will find a large selection of Asian snacks and sweets at Umami Snack Import, which will give you a bit of the convention feeling to take home with you!

Candy | Sweety-Swiss

Who can resist one or the other sweet treat? Sweety-Swiss offers you a colorful selection of all kinds of sweets to snack on. Grab your mixed bag and snack as you stroll through HeroFest!

Candy | Sweet Vibes

The Sweet Vibes team visits us with a colorful variety from the universe of sweets. At their booth you can make the child in you smile all over again!

Churros | Sweety-Swiss

You don't need to go to America for the latest food trends. We have them on site at HeroFest: Sweety-Swiss will serve you hot churros with various dip sauces in the outdoor area. Yummy!

Getränke | Feldschlösschen Bar

No one will go thirsty at HeroFest! Our partner Feldschlösschen invites you to their bar again this year and says: "Cheers to the Gamers", while you can watch the show on the main stage from the bar!

Getränke | Pirates Bar

Right in the entrance area of ​​the HeroFest you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Ruffy and the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece! We have organized a stylish look-alike bar resembling the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny. You can grab yourself some drinks on site and then start your adventure at HeroFest. Who knows, you might even discover one or another treasure.

Kaffee | Costa Coffee

After a long walk through the HeroFest, you can get delicious coffee at Costa Coffee to relax and get a good break. Recharge your batteries and jump right back into exploring the convention!

Crêpes | Les Crêpes Gourmandes

The Crêpes Gourmandes team will spoil you with delicious savory and sweet crêpes at the HeroFest. You can order them with different fillings. So, what would you like?

Chips | Zweifel Chips

For the right crunch during your visit at HeroFest, the Zweifel team provides you with delicious chips from their assortment and, as a highlight, also offers you the opportunity to season a portion of warm chips to your own taste. Which flavor is your favorite? Find out and be sure to stop by.