03.10 - 11.10.2020



Quest System Info

The Quest Returns!

The Quest is a central part of HeroFest, and this year it joins us online too! Join a faction, complete the exercises, and you can win great rewards!

Your voice counts!

There is more to the Nexus than heroic deeds and epic battles. Take part in Nox and Solaris conferences and, as a faction member, directly influence how the factions handle the events of the world.
Do you have the conviction and the iron will that it takes to make the difficult decisions?

What to Expect

Each week in September and during HeroFest there will be different activities to take part in. These might be answering a question to help your faction leader, or finding a clue elsewhere and bringing it back to us.

For each quest you complete, you will gain points. Each point you earn nets you one entry into the prize draw for that quest if you complete it on time, as well as towards your faction's total score. Bonus points will be awarded for being quick, and every point you earn counts towards potentially winning the grand prize at the end of HeroFest! There will be different prizes throughout, so make sure you keep checking back!

Grand Prize - A Playstation 5 offered by Swisscom

The new generation Playstation just for you, but one that you can't buy anywhere. Your anticipation of the new console will be satisfied with a custom Playstation 5 - marked with a unique design specifically created for HeroFest.

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