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1. - 3. October 2021


What conditions do I have to fulfil to participate in HeroFest?

There is currently a certificate requirement for HeroFest. This means that you must be 1) vaccinated, 2) tested or 3) recovered to enter. Children under the age of 16 are exempt from this requirement, as they are not required to hold a certificate.

Is wearing a mask mandatory?

At the moment, there is no general obligation to wear a mask. However, if a distance of 1,5m to other people cannot be maintained, we recommend that you wear a mask.

Will Covid 19 tests be offered on site?

Yes, we will have a testing center on the exhibition site. Unfortunately, capacity is limited and if the demand is very high, there may be longer waiting times. If you want to avoid waiting, we recommend that you arrive ready with a valid certificate.

Will masks be offered on site?

No, we do not offer masks. Our current safety concept does not require masks at HeroFest.

Can I eat and drink inside?

Yes, throughout the whole venue eating and drinking is permitted.

Will there be disinfectants at HeroFest?

There will be disinfectants available at various spots throughout the venue.

How many visitors are allowed at HeroFest?

We follow the measures of the BAG. There is currently no upper limit on the number of visitors.

Is there a safety concept?

The Bernexpo safety concept applies to HeroFest. You can find it here: Bernexpo Safety Concept


When will HeroFest 2021 take place?

HeroFest will take place from 1 to 3 October 2021.

Where will HeroFest take place?

HeroFest will again take place as a physical event in the halls of Bernexpo. The address of the exhibition grounds is: Mingerstrasse 6, 3014 Bern.

What are the opening hours of HeroFest?

Friday: 14.00 - 20.00

Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00.

How do I get to HeroFest?

Here you can find all information on how to get here: Bernexpo Guide

Is there parking at HeroFest?

Yes, you can park outside on the exhibition grounds or in the Bernexpo multi-storey car park.

When is the program fixed?

You will find the current program on our website. However, since we are constantly bringing new content to HeroFest, we are always adding something new. So it's worth checking back or following us on social channels!

Where can I find an overview of the program?

You can find an overview of the program here: Program

Is there an age limit for participation in HeroFest?

In principle, people of any age may come to HeroFest. However, there are a few contents at the event itself that are aimed solely at an adult audience. For these, there is a separate entrance with age control.

Is there a costume requirement?

Of course not! You can come in your "normal" clothes without any problems. If you wish to wear a costume, you may of course do so.

Can I be refused entry to HeroFest?

If our rules are violated in any way, or if you do not have a Covid certificate, we are allowed to refuse admission to HeroFest or to expel you from the exhibition grounds.

Turniere, Contests & Wettbewerbe

How can I register for gaming tournaments?

You can find all the information regarding registration in the individual program items: Gaming Program

How can I register for the cosplay contest?

Registration for the cosplay contest will open at 22 August. You will then be able to register right here on our site.

What does the cosplay program look like?

This year we will have a Catwalk and a total of three contests: The Catwalk will take place on Friday, the main contest on Saturday and finally a Masters Contest and an Open Contest on Sunday. You can find all details about the programme here.

What are the rules for the Cosplay Contest?

All cosplay contest and stage rules can be found here. It is also important to follow the General Cosplay Regulations and Weapons Rules, which you can find here


What types of weapons are allowed for cosplays?

All regulations and weapon rules can be found here


Where can I find information about the judging criteria of the Cosplay Contest?

All information about the judging criteria can be found here.



Where can I buy HeroFest tickets?

You can buy tickets directly at this link: Tickets

Which types of tickets are offered?

We offer two categories: Day tickets or 3-day tickets for the whole weekend.

How much does a HeroFest ticket cost?

A day ticket for Friday costs CHF 19.-, for Saturday or Sunday CHF 29.- each. The 3-day pass is available for CHF 69.-.

Do you have tickets for children?

No, but children up to the age of 6 get free entry to HeroFest.

Absage und Rückerstattung

What happens to the tickets in case of cancellation/postponement of HeroFest?

Don't worry! In the worst case we will refund all tickets in full.

What if I already have bought a ticket but cannot attend HeroFest?

Unfortunately, in this case we cannot offer you a refund.